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Pay your 2019 Park Maintenance Fees with Safe, Secure & Efficient “PAYPAL”!

The annual assessments shall be payable by the members to the Association on or before the thirty-first (31st) day of March of each year, for the ensuing year.

It will save the Park money if you Link your Bank Account to your PayPal Account. Click on the following link to learn how.

Please note that PayPal now charges Fees to the sender for sending Money to a Friend. It will probably be better just to send a check to Vera Limantzakis at 2328 E 6710 S Salt lake City, Utah 84121

March 3, 2020
Dear Bear Lake RV Members, The Board of Directors have discussed an alternatve for PayPal; ZELLE is similar to PayPal, however they do not charge for their transactions. If you are interested in utlizing ZELLE, please contact Vera Limantzakis at or contact one of the board members for informaton you will need to use when transferring fees from your account into the parks account. When using ZELLE, you will also need to email Vera with your lot number for verifying that your fee has been transfered. Please remember the maintenance fees for 2020 are due April 15, 2020. You may also send your payment to Vera Limantzakis at 2328 E. 6710 S. Salt Lake City, Utah 84121

Sincerely, Bruce Burdick, Stacey Williams, Henry Hanft, Vera Limantzakis and Debi Hunt
To link your bank account:

New 2020 PayPal Payment Instructions!!

PayPal Maintenance Fee Payment Link

PAYPAL Paynow Link

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