Bear Lake Watch-What you see is… what you get!

With the River flow down to 320 cfs and hot conditions in the valleys below,
we expect the causeway to be closed in the next day or so.

Bear Lake will top-out at 5919.41
FYI: the official estimate was for 5920.70

I know the next question is…
How low will it go?
And the answer, as always, is that dependents on the weather.
The irrigation allocation is for 245,000 acre feet.
(The hotter it is, the more they need)
In Bear Lake feet that is about a 3.5 ft. drop.
(They rarely take the full allocation, BUT they can!)

We would expect around 2 feet of evaporation over a years time.
Obviously most of it in the summer.

Add that together…
Worse case 5 1/2 foot loss in elevation = ~ 5914.00
Average Irrigation Use @ 100K = 3 1/2 ft loss = ~ 5916.00

Always Watching!

Claudia & David