Pumps High, Waters Going Low

Pumps High, Water going Low – Heat coming up

Daily Average

As you see in the graph, PacifiCorp started pumping with some full-on ups and full-off downs and then settled out around 325 cfs. this is the general capacity of one of the Lifton pumps. June 1 they began to bring on one additional pump every few days to try to catch up with the irrigation demands. This graph is a good illustration of how the pumping systems works to take water out of the lake.

David put together this table to give you an idea of the relationships to pumping… does not include evaporation!
Kinda geeky!… click to get the excel spread sheet
.. bottom line almost 4 inches per week.

So the next question is always… How low will it go?
Stay tune, we will cover that in next weeks Splashback.

Lake Level

Bear Lake Elevation*

Today 5915.88
June 14, 2021

Watch for more shortly on the Utah Comprehensive Management Plan.
Claudia & David

*All Bear Lake Elevations are given in UP&L Datum

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