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ATTENTION: Nominations for 2021 Board of Directors

Three Positions Are Open

The Board of Directors are seeking nominations for three positions. Candidates must be in good standings (maintenance fees up to date). Please notify Debi Hunt; dhunt-29@centurylink.net if you are interested, along with a picture and some information about yourself.

Applications must be submitted no later than August 21, 2021.


ATTENTION:  Next year we will be, hopefully temporarily, losing the URL link to our website (bearlakervpark.com).  We have created a new website, www.BearLakeRVEstates.com.  Melanee will be continuing to update the old site and the new site simultaneously.   Please checkout the new site as there are a number of new features.  If you find any issues (links not working, mis-spellings, etc) please email Melanee at mad4terry@gmail.com or text her at 801.839.9785.  Thank-you! (P.S.  Be sure to enter the contest while you’re there! :o)

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Propane will NOT be available for purchase for the foreseeable future.
Ice may be purchased from Terry (801-839-9784) or Melanee (801-839-9785).  They have a key to the ice box.

Bear Lake Calendar of Events


After exhausting all efforts to try and slow down everyone to 10 miles per hour the BOD has agreed to install Speed Bumps in various areas throughout the park. If you are following the speed limit you should not be inconvenienced.

Bruce Burdick
Bear Lake RV POA- President

One of Millers Moose visited the park just before the Memorial Weekend
Millers Moose