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Hello All

The water problems have been fixed – thank goodness, what a project this year. There are still a couple of areas that are pretty torn up and rough. The back fill was so wet from all of the water, it needs to dry some more before Don and make everything look nice again. Our thanks to Humberto Coria, Trenton David and our son , T.C., for coming to help us this past Sunday. We finished up Monday. We do have a problem with the sink in Men’s 4 bathroom and I need to order new parts. It is out of order until Don and I get to the park around May 1.

Bona Miller, Treasurer
Bear Lake RV Park POA, Inc.
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2016 Bear Lake RV Park Spring Newsletter
Mike Deagle caught a pair of these Owls in the Park over the weekend of Apr 9-10.

Great Horned Owl

The great horned owl is the most common owl of the Americas, easily recognizable because of the feather tufts on its head. These “plumicorns” resemble horns or, to some, catlike ears. Great horned owls are adaptable birds and live from the Arctic to South America. They are at home in suburbia as well as in woods and farmlands. Northern populations migrate in winter, but most live permanently in more temperate climes. The birds nest in tree holes, stumps, caves, or in the abandoned nests of other large birds. Monogamous pairs have one to five eggs (two is typical), both the male and female incubate, and the male also hunts for food. Owls are powerful birds and fiercely protective parents. They have even been known to attack humans who wander too close to their young.

If you have a picture of a bird you have seen in the Park & would like to share it, please send it to: webmaster@bearlakervpark.com

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