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Hello All,

On Friday, March 24, Board Members Jay Williams and Mark Brumbaugh traveled to the park to assess water damage from the spring run off. We will have Steve post some of the pictures on the web site that you can look at.

The irrigation ditch that runs through the park, has collapsed just south of the area where Bear Lake Lane and Yarrow Circle intersect. It has washed out the electrical trench that was put in last year. There are wires exposed in the park and Cemetery Lane, which has caused Rocky Mountain Power to shut power off to the park as a safety measure.

Jay and Mark were unable to travel the entire loop of the park because there is still quite a bit of snow on the southwest and northwest areas of the park so we are not sure of what other damage might be there.

Someone dumped a significant amount of road mix into the irrigation ditch approximately 300′ east of where the ditch crosses the road just below the “Y” of Bear Lake Lane and Yarrow Circle. If anyone has information regarding who might have dumped this gravel, please contact me. To clarify this occurred to the east of Yarrow Circle and Bear Lake Lane in the irrigation ditch.

The most significant damage has been done to Cemetery Lane. At this point, the County has no information regarding when the road might open back up, but it is impassable and is “closed” by the county. Additionally, because of the water damage in the park, there is a trench across the entire road (Bear Lake lane) which is impassible, by vehicle.

Please do not attempt to enter the park at this time, it will cause further damage and there may be a hazard to yourself or vehicle. We will share all available information.



See more pictures of Runoff Damage here.

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ROAD DAMAGE (Photos by Rob Clark)


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